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LIGHTNING POSTPONEMENT: JV Football vs. West Orange 9/27/2018

JV Football vs. West Orange entered lightning delay with Wekiva leading 26-6 at halftime. Based on continued severe weather in the area, the game will not be resumed tonight. We will work with the coaches to determine if and when the second half will be played. Please retain your ticket stubs. Thanks for your understanding.

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Next Game

University (Orlando) (Homecoming)

Friday, October 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm

6-1 (1-1)

@ Lake Brantley (Preseason Classic) 35 - 0 (W)
Jones 17 - 3 (W)
North Gwinnett (Freedom Bowl @ Milton, GA) 28 - 14 (W)
Winter Park 25 - 22 (W)
Olympia 43 - 7 (W)
Rian Davis & Tyler Davis UA Jersey Presentation  
@ West Orange D 29 - 30 (L)
@ Dr. Phillips 34 - 0 (W)
@ Evans D 39 - 6 (W)
University (Orlando) (Homecoming)  
Apopka (Senior Night) D  
@ Lake Nona  
D District Game
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1Maclolm Green5' 11"DBSr.
2Terrence Moore5' 10"WRSr.
3Jamari Jones5' 9"DBSo.
4Rian Davis6' 3"LBSr.
5James Lynch, Jr.6' 2"LBSr.
6Brandon Hill5' 11"DBSr.
7Malik Tolbert6' 2"WRSr.
8Tyler Davis6' 2"DTSr.
9Jalen Williams6' 6"TEJr.
11Malik Dixon6' 2"DBSr.
12Sean Robles6' 4"QBSr.
13Erion Lowe6' 1"DESr.
15Larry Preston6' 1"QBJr.
16Norell Pollard6' 2"DESr.
17Trevor Barfield DLSr.
23Anthony Davis LBJr.
25Solomon Edgerton5' 9"RBSr.
27Supreme Richardson RBJr.
28Teddy Adkins6' 0"LBSr.
31Naheim Kendall LBJr.
33John Dieujuste5' 10"RBSr.
36Luther Johnson5' 9"LBSo.
41Tre Young6' 0"LBSr.
42Javaris Thomas5' 9"FBSr.
44Bryan Wilson KJr.
47Thomas Carson DLSr.
50David Chisholm5' 10"OLSr.
51Luis Hernandez OLSr.
52Leyd Desir6' 3"DLJr.
60Nate Baker OLSr.
65Jujuan Gordon5' 11"OLSr.
71Mason Davis5' 10"OLSr.
75Kyle Elisala6' 1"OLJr.
77Zyire Willett6' 1"OLSr.
78Gunter Williams OLSo.
79Lawrence Stubbs5' 10"OLJr.
81Tekavion Purdy6' 1"WRSo.
82Albert Howard5' 5"WRSr.
86Peter Poulard DBSr.
91Silas Stewart DLJr.
96Nathan Pierre6' 0"LBJr.
 Steven Pierre5' 7"FBSr.
Rich BedesemHead Coach
Malik Tolbert Makes a Touchdown Reception
Malik Tolbert catches a touchdown reception from Sean Robles in the 2018 Preseason Classic against the Lake Brantley Patriots. (Alex Olivera / The Apopka Chief)
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